I remember this three word when I participated in 7th Habits for Managers, it’s written in a circle and connected each other. This is the word that I really impress and until know it still stick in my mind. I even ask the poster from Dunamis and put it in my library in Berau and when I moved to Sorowako I give it to my best friends.

See.. See in here is not only seeing with our eyes but also mean our paradigm, how we see the problem, how we interpret the world. Everything that happens in the world we can give meaning by controlling our thinking to “see” with the correct perspective or I can say we must always beware with our paradigm. Do we see the problem inside-out or outside-in? or we focus our see on circle of concern or circle of influence?

Do.. Do is how we manifest what we see.. the theory says that what we do is determine on how we see. If we see more on circle of concern or something that we cannot change so maybe we feel hopeless and do nothing but if we see more on circle of influence or we focus on what can we do or have power to change it we feel powerful and take action to change the condition.

Get.. Just like the quotation.. we rape what we sow.. The result we get is come from what we do or the action we take.

And what we Get will determine again to what we See, so it’s can be a vicious circle or reinforcement circle..

If we want to change what we Get know.. start clarifying our “See” first then align what we “Do” with what we “See” then “Get” the new result…